Vivo Makes Waves: Hiring 300+ Students from PM Campus in a Single Day

Posted on : 10 March, 2024 6:02 pm


Vivo, a leading global technology company, recently made headlines by conducting a massive recruitment drive at Puran Murti Campus (PM Campus), hiring over 300 students in a single day. This unprecedented move has sparked excitement and enthusiasm among students and faculty alike.

The Partnership

Vivo’s decision to partner with PM Campus for its recruitment drive highlights the institution’s reputation for producing top-tier talent. The collaboration signifies Vivo’s commitment to nurturing young professionals and providing them with promising career opportunities.

The Recruitment Process

The recruitment process was meticulously organized, with Vivo’s HR team conducting interviews and assessments throughout the day. Students from various disciplines showcased their skills and competencies, vying for coveted positions within the company.

Opportunities for Growth

Vivo’s recruitment drive offers students the chance to embark on a rewarding career path with ample opportunities for growth and development. With a dynamic work environment and access to cutting-edge technology, employees can hone their skills and realize their full potential.

Diverse Roles and Responsibilities

The diverse range of roles offered by Vivo caters to students from different academic backgrounds. Whether in engineering, marketing, sales, or research and development, there are opportunities for individuals to leverage their expertise and contribute to Vivo’s innovative projects.

Creating Impactful Careers

By hiring a significant number of students from PM Campus, Vivo is not only investing in individual careers but also fostering a culture of excellence and innovation within the organization. These new recruits have the potential to make meaningful contributions and drive Vivo’s success in the global market.

Celebrating Success

The successful culmination of Vivo’s recruitment drive at PM Campus is a testament to the collaboration between academia and industry. It represents a win-win situation, where students find fulfilling career opportunities, and Vivo gains access to talented individuals who can drive its vision forward.

Vivo’s decision to hire over 300 students from PM Campus in a single day marks a significant milestone in both the company’s growth trajectory and the students’ career paths. This partnership underscores the importance of fostering strong ties between academia and industry to create impactful opportunities for the next generation of professionals. As these newly hired individuals embark on their journey with Vivo, they carry with them the promise of innovation, dedication, and success.